Welcome to The A - Z of Business Course! (EVERGREEN)


This course is a 6 week, 26 module, all round essential for you if you've recently started your own business, feel stuck and don't know how to level up in your current business, or maybe there's a little voice your head nagging at you to take a leap of faith. 


All videos have been pre-recorded so get ready for some long hair, freezing cold Canberra winters, and outdated pop culture references!


Basically, if you're reading this right now YOU are the exact person that I created the course for! Every day we will dive into a bite sized topic that educates, creates discussions within the course, and then has a practical application or activity so you can implement that learning straight away. I'm going to level with you, I've really struggled with online learning because it always feels so intangible and requires too much self-motivation for me to feel like I'm set up to succeed. That's why when I created this course, I had this pain point firmly in mind. If you've got 15-30 minutes a day, then you can do this course. The best bit is that there is live video and discussion daily with me and the other students, but you will have the opportunity to tune in live, or tune in whenever you like to catch up, either way I am personally on hand every day for all your questions. The course format is video and PDF, and I’m hosting it on a private closed group on Facebook so you won’t need to learn to navigate a new platform, create new logins and passwords to anything. It’s easy breezy.




Full module list:


Audit - Let's get started and see where your business is at!

Branding - Learn about your business brand, and your personal brand, and the key pillars of it!

Content - What content should you be sharing/posting, when, and how?

Dreams - Visualisation exercise and goal setting

Editing - Introduction to photo editing

Finances - Where are you at and where do you want to go?

Graphic design - Graphic design basics to improve your aesthetic Handy Hints - My top tips for growing and scaling your business Influencer Marketing - Introduction to utilising it in your business Justifying - Re-frame your thinking Know your Etiquette - How not to piss people off

Learning Lessons - Chatting about resilience + positive spins Marketing - Finding new clients/customers and getting your name out there

Networking - How to make the most of digital and physical relationships

Opinons - When to seek them out and when to ignore them

Pivoting - How and when do you need to do this in your business Questions - (Open module)

Resources - A full list of my resources, apps and people to work with Social media - Which platforms does your business need to be on, and introduction to how to use them most efficiently.

Trends - Learning the secret sauce to success in business Understanding how to sell from an authentic place

Valuing your work - Pricing and packages

Weeds - Finding more time in your business and minimising admin Xpand - your business channels and rely less on social media platforms

You - Working on your personal branding, and finding your USP

Zero Regrets - How to move forward now from the end of the course! What are you waiting for?!

A - Z of Business