This service is a 1 hour face-to-face coaching session with us. Sessions start at a base of one hour but can be extended if needed. 


Our 1-on-1 coaching services a perfect for businesses that need help with an area of their business, but can't afford the high price tags that come with some coaches. The reality is sometimes you need a bit of mentoring and support, before deciding to invest money in areas of your business. That's where we come in! We help you get clear on your struggles and how to over come them, set goals and move forward in your business feeling more confident! Especially when it comes to knowing where you can do things yourself, and where you should spend the money outsourcing. 


Our coaching is perfect for you if you need help with 


- Your brand/social media image 


- Finding your niche and point of difference


- Finding parts of the business that aren't working so smoothly and look at strategies on how to simplify and improve them


- Doing an audit of your sales strategies, and how to increase sales without having to find new clients


- Knowing who to connect and collaborate with, as well as how


- Or you just need a boost of motivation and confidence to help you you refresh your approach to your business



Coaching Session (1hr)