YOU GUYS. I have a new digital course and I’m so excited I want to squeal.


This baby is a 5 day Instagram masterclass that covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Instagram: content, strategy, aesthetics, building your following, creating cool graphics and videos.. EVERYTHING. ⁣


1. Intro to Instagram: Whats the purpose? Why do you need it? How do you use it effectively? How does it fit into your overall digital strategy? 


2. Content pillars: What should you post about, how and when. We cover what captions to write, and how to add a non-salesy CTA


3. Asethetics: How to identify what your colour palette and asethetic pillars are, and how to make them fit your content pillars! 


4. The Extras: We chat all the trending things that will make your instagram stand out; gifs, animations, IG TV videos, collages etc. What apps do you need to make them and more importantly how? 


5. Creating your feed: Now that we've pulled apart everything that it takes to create an effective instagram strategy let's chat about how the hell you turn that into a beautiful looking feed! You'll get a step by step template that is going to take ALL the guess work out. 


From the bottom of my heart that you again so much for your love and support and I can't wait to share with you 5 years of knowledge!!! 


G x

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