So you need help with your insta?? We got you. 
Our instagram feed creation service is a game changer. If you have some product photos already, but have no idea how to style them, edit them, and turn them into a cohesive and strategic feed, then this is going to make your like 1000% better. Trust us. 
What’s involved?
We create a flawless + strategic instagram feed specifically for your brand. Service is one month of posts (27 posts).
1. Send me your content photos/product shots. (Raw edits where possible)
If you don't have product shoots and need some taken in addition to the mock please email us for a personalised quote
2. Using the content photos you’ve provided, I will collect additional inpso photos, stock photos or photos from my own collection, to use to mock up your Instagram feed.
3. Complete editing including photoshopping if needed on each photo 
4. If applicable, a personalised quote tile creation is also included
5. I will create a feed mock up to show you what a month’s worth of Instagram content looks like, and what order to post them in (tile placement)
6. Caption prompts are added so you have a helping hand when it comes to what to say!
7. Feed is uploaded directly into an app that you can then access and upload to Instagram.
8. Lastly, we send you an outline with the details on which filter we've created for you, how we've edited the photos and what we've done with your feed so you can re-create it yourself!
This is going to take the stress and guess work out of creating your instagram feed so you can get the best results out of your social media presence!

Instagram Feed Creation