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The Girl Who Cried Relationship

A funny thing happens when you get older; all your hindsight becomes 20/20. Everything that seemed murky and confusing before, is suddenly crystal clear. You roll your eyes at your naivety. And though is it scientifically impossible, here’s what I would say to my younger self if I ever stood face to face with her…

* Don’t rush your journey. The world will make you feel like you are a nobody unless you’ve got somebody – don’t let it. Work on you and be the best person you can be irrespective of your relationship status.

* You are going to have long term relationships that come and go. Don’t regret them, they made you the person you are, and when your person comes along, you will have already learnt valuable lessons from these relationships, and will be ready to be the partner you dreamed you could be. It’s a blessing, trust me!

* Stay on good terms with your exes where possible. It’s better for your soul. Don’t carry hate and bitterness around in your heart when you don’t need to.

* You will not escape the years without regrets. You will regret the times that you spent with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Times when you just didn’t want to be alone. Times when you saw red flags but persevered anyway through better judgement.

Don’t do this. Be strong. If it’s a choice between giving yourself to people that don’t care about you, or being alone– choose being alone. It won’t kill you, in fact it will make you a stronger, happier person, and the benefits will be tenfold.

* Most of all, don’t be the girl who cried relationship. You don’t need label everything, or publicize everything, or make commitments to people that don’t deserve it. Save the best bits of yourself for the person who’s going to love you for everything that you.

The reason I say this, is because they are coming, and you will be happier than you dreamed possible.

And above all, have faith.

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