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Open Letter To a Role Model

I watch you in awe, with admiration of all that you have achieved and continue to achieve.

I look to you for focus and for inspiration.

You are unabashedly bold in knowing your worth, yet generous and charitable with giving your time to others without asking for anything in return.

You are the example of having it all; you are a loving wife and mother, with a strong sense of self, independence, and career.

Your smile bring joy to people and you have the capacity to make people feel truly appreciated and cared for, unconsciously giving them permission to shine their light and be proud of their strengths.

You tirelessly support and champion for small businesses and creatives, often with little recognition or reward.

You are fierce in your views and unapologetic in speaking out for the underprivileged disadvantaged and oppressed. You don't shy away from the bounds that beg us to keep our opinions to ourselves so as not to make other people feel uncomfortable.

You embrace your femininity and your softness, and challenge anyone who sees that as a weakness.

Most of all, you are proud to be a woman, but are an advocate for all people regardless of gender.

I am proud to know you, I am proud to call you a fellow woman, most of all proud to call you a friend.

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