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How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Career.

I spent years dodging around my passions because I believed my dreams were unworthy of respect, unsustainable as a career or because I found my values often didn't align with the industry I felt so deeply drawn to; fashion. The fashion industry was daunting for me, I was concerned about being intellectually dismissed, I was worried about the perceived notions of shallowness and also the "cut throat” label attached to the game. I felt split between chasing something of depth and substance, being respected as an intelligent, socially conscious, environmentally aware person or fulfilling my creative desire to be immersed in clothes, design, fabric and flare. It took me a long time to realise these two paths are not mutually exclusive - they could belong together and I could make my passion for fashion be whatever I wanted it to be. I slowly became as passionate about dispelling the myths of the fashion industry as creating a career within it.

My goal has always been to build others up. I feel alive when I see others come alive, it fulfils me when I see someone doing their thing with complete love and authenticity. I champion anyone with the balls to take their passion and turn it into something tangible - whatever that may be. I believe there are two types of creatives, those who say they support others and those who actually do. The power is in the action and when I see this action, whether that be peers supporting their “competition”, support via social media, recommendations or collaboration, it speaks volumes. You can only get so far in business if you do not actively work with, support and build up those around you.

When people ask me what I do I find it hard to answer. My weeks and days are varied. I am a part time stylist, sometime creative consultant, writer on the side and business coach when I find the time, a blogger in the early AM, a committed supporter of women and a full time mother. Doing so many different things excites and motivates me. I believe we should embrace the opportunity to do all that we can within the realm of our chosen filed. To sum it all it, I would say I spend my days writing, styling and photographing as well spending time with an active, hilarious and dramatic 4 year old who calls me mummy and is the most demanding but adorable boss I have ever worked for!

My advice for aspiring stylists is to get experience in any capacity - create flat lays, style yourself, dress friends, assist on shoots, study a course in styling and business. Photograph everything!! Start a blog as a creative outlet and develop your tech skills along the way. Don’t be concerned with what anyone thinks of you – it is none of your business! Your business is being true to what lights you up. Focus on that. Develop a unique style and find a point of difference.

My advice for anyone wanting to start a business is to work out what you can provide that others can't. I grew up with a Jeff Buckley quote on my wall: "The only way to really make it, anywhere, is to put every bit of your being into the thing that only you can provide”. Everyone has their “thing”, their own little stock pile of answers to someone else's puzzle. For me, I have always been able to see the bigger picture and take action - I look at the whole of a person, a plan or a situation and work out what is missing, which edges need a little love and which strong points deserve more worship. I can see where the gaps are. I am, however, terrible at the nitty gritty; the details. My lack of patience has forever been my downfall, but give me a situation, a person or a business idea and I see it grand scale and know how to make it all come together. Some stylist’s attention to detail garners deep envy in me - I could list dozens of stylists and business owners, many here in Canberra, who possess this skill and I admire them endlessly while also understanding that these differences should be applauded – we can’t fight who we are, what we are good at or our inherent limitations. Focus on what you CAN do rather than what you can’t.

Discover a place where your passions, skills and career can align and be brave enough to turn that into something. Even if what you discover doesn't seem very special at first, has not been done before or scares the hell out of you, find out what makes you who you are; find your point of difference and put that magic to work.""


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