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A Beautiful Moment

You may have initially perceived beauty as a simple concept but, as we become more inquisitive and insightful, beauty becomes more intricate and complex. Throughout time freedom has rightfully been granted to females and with it, trust and confidence in women’s abilities have excelled. This freedom allowed the concept of beauty to unfold into what it is today. The invention and manufacturing of more make up products as well as the use of models in advertising strengthened the ties between beauty and physical appearance, or external beauty. However, as a society we are shifting the definition of beauty to include and honor internal beauty.

Females are often associated with valuing beauty and appearance quite highly. Perhaps, the weight we place on “likes” on social media encourage only assessing face value? However true this may be, females of today are shifting from craving flawless hair and make-up to be classed as beautiful towards a more dynamic definition of beauty. The reliance on physical compliments for validation is being left behind and instead there is more focus on internal beauty. Internal beauty honors confidence, authenticity, integrity and sense of self and it the fearless expression of personality that is now highly coveted. This shift towards being dynamically attractive instead of statically beautiful, is a positive change. This positive movement directs society away from the confines of accepting one ideal or perfect image of beauty. It encourages everyone to be themselves thus, allowing beauty to be presented irrespective of physical qualities and become a broad and realistic concept.

The acceptance of dynamic beauty is revolutionary. It emphasizes that beauty is eternal and cannot be bought. It gives rise to the notion that beauty is curated and created over time and is shaped by each decision we make. It accentuates that beauty cannot be taught via a YouTube tutorial; showcasing the unique nature of beauty in a new light. Beauty is the atmosphere created by one’s presence and expression of self. It is an inclusive definition of beauty, as opposed to the old exclusive nature of beauty.

This change effects all ages; contrary to popular belief, it is not specific to adolescence, in fact, it could be even more important to adults. If we are willing to adapt our views and see beauty from a new perspective, it can relieve some of the pressures associated with beauty and ageing. The concept of internal beauty diminishes the fearful relationship between ageing and declining beauty, if anything it reverses it.

“What we do does not define us. What defines us, is how well we rise after falling”. Yes, it’s a quote from a chick flick but, it has always stuck with me.

It is a reminder that ageing allows us to learn from our errors and celebrate our triumphs which, cultivates who we are as a person. The acceptance and development of self identity refines personality, thus defining our own unique beauty. This removes the misconception that beauty peaks at a specific age and instead encourage the belief that beauty matures with age.

The movement towards the appreciation of internal beauty is one that will inspire confidence and self-acceptance. It is a definition that should be adopted by all ages as it allows age to play a positive role in development of beauty. All in all, it is a more wholesome idea that highlights beauty in one’s self.


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