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It's a curl thing.

I've been hairdressing now for 10 years and surprisingly, the more I do it the better it gets! Unlike many of my counterparts who complain of bitchiness and bordem, I count myself incredibly lucky.

I've worked in some of the top salons in the country such as 'Valonz Haircutters' and 'Edwards and co' in Sydney.

I've had amazing experiences along the way as well from working at 'New York Fashion Week' to heading to London to train with some of their top hairdressers such as John Vial and Tracy Hayes.

Of all the achievements, going into business for myself has been the best decisions I've made yet! To some this might be a scary step but I think to be successful you need to take risk... that's me to a T.

I was lucky my last salon allowed me to grow my name within the business and the more I got my name out there the more I wanted to take the next step. I was always on the look out for the next person I wanted to get my hands on to spread the word.

That's where 'A Flick Of Hares' comes in, AFOH is a salon and creative space that alows hairdressers to do freelance work from their space.

Freelancing was the first exciting step I took, exposing me to the basics of running a business and when you succeed with that then its time for the next step!

You know though as much as I have endless positive things to say, no one tells you how much hard work its all going to be. I work 6 days a week, and the hours are long! I'm constantly attached to my phone from being active and present on social media (a must in the beauty industry), doing admin or booking appointments.

When I started working at Edwards and Co in Sydney (which is probably the most well known salon in the country); every weekend I would drive to Sydney at 4am work the day then drive back. To most of you that's crazy but when you start associating you name with brands and your work starts getting recognised, you need to be completely and utterly dedicated! It's an opportunity to learn the newest techniques and meet all these other freelance hairdressers who work in high fashion or colour all the it beauty bloggers in Sydney.

Now doing this meant that I didn't have a life for a bit but you wanna get to the top you just do what you gotta do!!! The thing is, the harder you work the better the reward becomes.

While actually doing hair is the business and my clients mean everything to me I also think making connections is also super important! I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have my network of beauty gals behind me!

My biggest tip though? Collaborations! It's not the latest buzz word for nothing.

I think the key to staying ahead is collaborating with other hairdressers, when I find someone on Instagram that I think is amazing at what they do I contact them and want to go learn from them. Education is everything in my line of work and it keeps you creatively buzzed as well, I thrive off other peoples energy!

There's so much in the works at the moment and I cant wait to share it with you all very soon!


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