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Making blogging your career

Hello fellow bloggers or bloggers-to-be, welcome to the online world!

As a blogger, I not only struggled at the start, but have ups and downs day-to-day in the blogging industry. These days it's hard to stay well-read and well-written so I have put together a list of my favourite tips for blogging.

Here's my top tips for making blogging your career:

1. Find your niche – This way your blog will grow quicker as you have a narrowed audience (target audience), once you have mastered your niche you can then look at expanding and introducing other areas.


- Identify your talents and skills

- Out of the above talents and skills which do you most enjoy and can happily post and write about?

- Out of your chosen talents and skills, which you enjoy, find out what people need/looking for.

- From the above needs what will people pay for or be interested in?

2. Be inspired – You will have good days where you have heaps of flowing ideas and also days where you just feel stuck and feel you have lost your mojo. Take a breath, a walk or do something that makes you feel inspired to get back on track.

3. Before starting out I recommend creating a vision board of where you would like to be, what your end game might look like or what images inspire you, this way when you have slow days you can always look back on your vision board and know where you want to be.

4. Stay motivated – Surround yourself with positive motivated people that will keep you going and help you achieve your goals. Follow inspirational blogs, read business books and print off quotes to keep at your desk, in your room and on your phone.

5. Collaborate – Get in touch with like-minded blogs or companies to help grow your following and gain readers. This way they can post on their account as well as you on yours, it helps both of you gain followers and get your blog out there to new readers.

6. Be organized – Plan out your day, week or month to help you stay on track. Set days where you might draft ideas and other days where you might write posts and take/edit photos.

7. Arrange times as to when you will upload images or posts to get the most follower views and engagement (peak times).

8. Set goals – Setting goals will help you stay on track.

Like what?

- To gain a certain amount of followers/readers

- To post a certain amount of times per day/week

- Increase number of page views

Keeping the above points in mind everyday will get you to where you want to be, unfortunately it wont happen over night, you will have to be creative and work hard but you will get to where you want to be with persistence and patience.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently”.


Georgia Konig


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