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The Instagram Influencers

Canberra is one damn talented place! With all the researching and planning that is going into our upcoming conference we have stumbled upon so many awesome women kicking it here in the territory that we've put together a list of the top 10 accounts that we think are worth checking out!

1. Stay Put Girls:

We freaking love what this girl is all about! Emma is behind this awesome account and she's all about trying and testing sports bras which lets face it we all need a supportive bra.

What we love most: she's passionate and no bullshit

You should follow her if: you have breasts or know someone who has breasts.

2. Eat Canberra

There's a few Canberra foodie accounts around but this gets our pick. It's run but the gorgeous Amelia who is just so awesome and also runs a food tour business on the side.

What we love most: she's authentic and only posts what she genuinely loves

You should follow her if: You like food or eating.

3. Rainbow Nourishments

This account is just incredible! The vegan baker Anthea amasses a following of over 100K and it's so easy to see why. We just can't believe how amazing some of these things look.

What we love most: The desserts! Omg!

You should follow her if: you want to be literally amazed at how she makes vegan baking look!

4. Melody Rusk

You know those fashionistas that make looking good seem so effortless? Yep she's one of those girls! Beautifully styled and oh so chic.

What we love most: she wears things that you would actually wear out

You should follow her if you dream of looking half decent when you leave the house but need a bit of inspo.

5. Luxe Everyday

Amelia had me at stylist and wardrobe declutterer. I need both those things! This awesome account is dedicated to all things canberra, fashion and mum related. Whatever filter she uses on her photos is also totally swoon worthy.

What do we love most? The newborn bub photos. So adorable

You should follow her if: You're needing a cool-mum role model, she oozes the vibes!

6. Style Curator

Gina Ciancio is doing awesome things with interior design and she's got an incredible instagram to match! Her photos are stunning and we love to her in a few of them too because so often we hide behind our accounts!

What we love most: her cause worthy collabs!

You should follow her if: you want to create the look in your own home but tbh you'll probably buy copies from kmart

7. Yorklee Prints

We've been following this account for years and their styling and eye for detail is nearly unbearably beautiful! You'll be scrolling for ages!

What we love most: the cute family posts that pop up everynow and again

You should follow her if: you need some reminders of why you hassle the kids to keep the house clean all the time!