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The Facebook Influencers

1. This is Canberra Looking for one of the region’s longest standing and most respected publications? Look no further, because This is Canberra is it! Best known for producing quality food and lifestyle content, This is Canberra is the go to when looking for great dining, nightlife and shopping.

What we love most: Always providing us with the best of the best in all aspects of Canberra.

You should follow them: If you love, food, alcohol, and life in general.

2. Loveflock

Loveflock is a space created by Emma Madsen that celebrates all women! Celebrating women in their realest and rawest forms and in turn, promoting the work of other driven ladies, just like Emma herself.

What we love most: Emma’s driven yet gentle nature as a mother and businesswoman.

You should follow her: If you’ve ever had a rough day and needed cheering up.

3. HerCanberra Active

HerCanberra Active, brought to you by Ashleigh Went and Kate Freeman, is an essential guide to healthy living in Canberra; inspiring women to eat, work and play in all the best ways!

What we love most: Ashleigh and Kate’s determination to provide the best lifestyle options.

You should follow them: If you love living healthy or need a push to live that way.

4. Hayley Tapper

Hayley Tapper is a success mindset coach helping spiritual entrepreneurs manifest the success and impact they desire! Working previously as a health coach and life coach, Tapper is an expert in her field, driven by helping women live their best life.

What we love most: Hayley’s determination in finding her most beneficial role in helping women.

You should follow her: If you want to be inspired to earn the success you deserve!

5. Rackers Co

Rackers Co is a relatable, honest blog run by Racquel Helmers who often writes about the issues that need to be spoken about. From mental health to the crappy things that happen in everyday life; she preaches that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay!

What we love most: Racquel’s ability to discuss the issues we all face and provide life tips to get us through the week.

You should follow her: If you feel like you’re getting caught up with the troubles of the world and need to put things into perspective.

6. Canberra Beer Runners Club

Canberra Beer Runners Club is not what you think it is. Unless you’re thinking it is a social fitness group that aims to create a greater sense of community for fitness & beer enthusiasts in Canberra... in that case, you’d be 100% correct!

What we love most: It is a welcoming, all inclusive community; driven by bringing the community together!

You should follow them: If you love socialising, beer, fitness, or all of the above.

7.Green and Growing CoachingWe absolutely love what Amy Green is all about! Founder and Head Coach at Green and Growing Coaching, Green works as a mindset coach focusing in on health and wellness.

What we love most: Amy’s passion to help others discover the best version of themselves and her straight to the point live videos

.You should follow her: If you like feeling happy and healthy and you need some cut-the-crap advice!

8. Makers Co

This group is for the makers and creators of the world, following their own path and experiencing the small business adventure. Makers Co provides a space for all to share their experiences, issues, achievements, encouragement and advice.

What we love most: The strong sense of community support in order to achieve full potential in business.

You should follow them: If you want to support others, be supported and achieve success as a community!

9. Handmade Canberra

Handmade Canberra aims to provide a platform for designers of Australian made goods to sell and connect with their customers. Especially seen at The Handmade Market with 240 stalls of Australian made design.

What we love most: The pure Aussie goodness and supporting uniqueness within Handmade Canberra.

You should follow them: If you love Australian products or supporting Australian businesses!

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