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Blog ideas to banish writer's block

These posts always stem from personal experience, or at least an acute understanding of how much it flipping *sucks* to have writer’s block.

Maintaining a blog ain’t easy – I'll be the first one to admit that. On top of clients and invoicing and life admin and your regular to do list, whipping up a blog post is the last thing we tend to think about.

But that doesn’t make it any less important!


It’s 2019, if you have a website, you should have a blog.

Any trusty web developer will walk you through benefits during the concept development stage of your site (or they should!) and throw phrases out there like “it’s great for SEO!” and “it tricks Google into thinking it’s an updated site” and so on. What they probably don’t mention is how valuable blogs are to your customers and audience.

Let’s face it – not everyone can afford to hire your brilliant brain. But they still love what you’re doing and what you stand for, and they want to know more.

Producing regular, free, quality content is the best way you can give that to them. You’re giving them a peek into your business – and your world – without asking for anything in return.

Sure, you don’t want to give everything away, but a few tips here and there never hurt anyone. Realistically, the information is probably already out there on the internet. But it didn’t come from YOU – and that what makes it fresh and interesting.

It doesn’t matter how many articles we read on Richard Branson and his multi-billion dollar empire – his experience doesn’t replicate how you launched your macramé biz whilst studying and working two jobs.

Every business has their own, unique story and readers love that shit. So with that in mind, here's our list of blog content ideas to keep your readers wanting more and *finally* tick it off your list.

Your Origin Story

Everyone loves an origin story. We are nosy creatures, and are genetically wired to be curious and find out how things came to be. You can be as basic or in-depth with this as you please. You can make it into a 3 part series, or make it a monthly column, where you take your readers behind the scenes of your brand and what building it really looks like.

Praise for your latest product

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but in the busyness that is business, it’s easy to overlook writing a post about your latest addition when you’ve already added it to your shop, your Instagram stories and your e-newsletter… Take some cute snaps and explain the inspiration and meaning behind creating such a fabulous thing.

Project moodboards

This one is great for all those designers and creatives out there. You may not always be able to discuss the specific client or project details, but showing a mood board and vague brief never hurt anyone. Always check with your clients first, and credit those you can when sharing all those pretty pictures.

Write what you know

Don’t go rolling your eyes just yet! It’s more than just a fortune cookie saying, we promise. If you’re stuck for content, write about what you talk about in your day-to-day. If you’ve found the secret to swift invoicing – share it (really, please). If you’re a wizard in the ways of strategy, share some basic tips. If design is your jam, talks about the colour palettes you’re loving right now. Your audience is likely a mix of clients, those in your field, and those who admire your work, so showing off your knowledge is never going to look pompous, only helpful.

Outsource to other writers

There a lots of writers out there who would love to be featured on a blog, it's a stellar way to make connections organically, and learn something in the process. We suggest scrolling through that hefty ‘Follow’ list of yours and jotting down everyone you’ve ever wanted to chat to in real life – and then start messaging them! You never know where it could lead you.

We could go on forever, but our tea is getting cold and Netflix is calling our name. I hope this little list sparked some inspiration and got those fingers typing.

Until the next brew,

Vivienne Krackow



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