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How to: pivot.

For the last 6-12 months I’ve been really grappling with my place on Instagram.

I’ve been torn between what how I know I should show up, and how I want to show up.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the trend of coaches and “how-to” Instagram gurus is skyrocketing, and 2020 only intensified that. I knew I should be joining the ranks and doing my educational TikToks, and converting my into an online course primed audience. But I just couldn’t.

It didn’t set my heart on fire to spend my Instagram life regurgitating the same tips I see everywhere, or focusing my niche to be a teaching guide. I felt so called to share my creative work and more so, immerse myself in my creative work. It's an expression of my passion, but also as a way to work through the emotions that this year threw at me. It was cathartic.

So what held me back? The idea of it not being a smart business move, the idea of all the things I “should” do. I couldn’t see a long term way to create passive income from being a creative. Even more so, I knew I wanted to share my life alongside my work and my imposter syndrome told me that no one actually gave a fuck for my thoughts on paper (or screen as it were.)

So after a grand total of 10 months feeling frozen on this, I finally had that lightbulb moment I've been waiting for. The moment where I remembered I’ve never done what people ask of me I’ve always done my own thing. So this needs to be no different.

So with all that said, for the next little while you’ll see more creative goodness on your feed, and read more of the thoughts that go into my work. More of my feelings and my life, and less of the things I think I'm supposed to say.

You don’t need to teach something tangible for someone to learn something from you.

You can still grab my coaching services and evergreen online courses with limited availability here, but get ready for a new vibe on the 'gram.

Let's go.

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