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As a serial successful entrepreneur, I’ve navigated my way through three successful start-up ventures over the last 8 years.

I started my first business, GLK Nannies, at the age of 23, and later went on to sell it for a significant profit just over 5 years later.

Alongside my first start-up venture, I also founded The Women’s Collective. It's original form was conferences and workshops for women-owned business in the Canberra region, and at the height of it's success I took a leap of faith and moved north! It seemed crazy, but I knew there was more waiting for this brand and I was ready to take it east-coast wide.

After arriving in Brisbane in 2019, I took the opportunity to move my skillset into digital marketing, and have spent the last four years of focusing my work with The Women’s Collective in the social media marketing industry. You’ll now find me primarily enjoying photography, content creation and consulting services for my clients.


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