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Maintaining a streamlined brand across your digital platforms is crucial for building trust with customers.


Ensuring consistency both visually and in overall experience, helps to create a sense of familiarity and reliability, making it easier for customers to recognize, engage and then purchase from you.


Our Brand Audit offers a look at your brand's online presence and gives you a snapshot of how your brand might be being percevied by potential clients or customers. 




A personalised PDF audit of the tone and imagery of your brand, as well as a list of practical recommendations to help you strengthen your online business.


We will outline any areas of improvement, and provide the guidelines on how to improve, so you can be sure your message is reaching and resonating with your target audience.


With our Brand Audit, you'll come away with a brand that is effectively communicating it's values and persona, as well as creating a strong presence online. Bottom line? More trust equals more sales.



Want a little extra to get your started? Our Brand Audit also comes with a mock up option, for those who need a bit of visual inspiration!


Brand Audit

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