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Collaborating is a hot topic at the moment, and for good reason. It's an incredibly cost effective way to market your brand, get your name out there, support other businesses, the list goes on. 


Another list that goes on unfortunately is how badly it can turn out if you're not really clear with what you're looking for, offering and outling a collaboration that equally benefits both parties. 


So, you could research, write and explore all the ways to collaborate with a brand, business or influencer. Or, you could just buy our proposal template where the hard work has been done for you. 


What's in it: 


A complete pre-written template that you just need to add in your details and send off

Structured table of offering exchange to clarify the nitty-gritty details 

Information prompts to take the guess work out of what to cover

+ additional tips on how to contact brands and make the best impression


The best thig about this resource is that you can use it over and over again by changing the recipient names + details.



Collaboration Proposal Template

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